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Send me a message if there's something you want to know......
HighSchool: North Charleston High School
College: College of Charleston
JuniorHighSchool: Alice Birney Middle School
ElementarySchool: North Charleston Elementary School
Music: i like slow songs and anything by musicsoul child, Jagged Edge,Tamia,monica and Tank. I'm very versitile so i can listen to almost anything, except heavy metal!
TV: Don't really have one right now
Books: i dont have a fav. but anyhting ineresting and realistic, like i'll love it
Sports: Volley ball,football and basketball
Interests: SIX PACs! lol but i like to go out and have a good time with who ever i'm with.
Movies: i dont have a fav. movie i just watch the same one's like 2x and that's it
BestFeatures: My slanted eyes and big butt,lol oh and don't forget personality

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